Time flies when you’re, well, busy


Wandering Ballona Wetlands as a part of Heal the Bay’s Blitz the Bay with HtB, Friends of Ballona, and The Bay Foundation – another little adventure.

So, life has been happening, and none of that life has been travel or hiking related, so the blogging has come to a screeching halt.  I partially blame being a teacher and trying to be a GOOD teacher so that school has kinda taken over my life, but that’s not totally true.  Part of it is really I haven’t felt like I have had anything to say.

I still am not sure I really have anything to say right now, but I decided that I needed to just get off my booty and write something, ANYTHING to get my brain moving that way again.  So, here we go…

One of the things I do to ensure that I am actually forced to get outside even when I feel lazy and unmotivated is that I volunteer for the Audubon Society in LA doing bird surveys.  I do the winter surveys looking for Snowy Plovers, and the summer surveys looking to Least Terns.  And this year has been good to me and the birdies!  I saw some plovers nesting.  Last year, I never saw a tern in their protected enclosure.  But this year, I have seen them every time I have gone out.  My other big birding highlight includes spotting a non-local Yellow-Crowned Night Heron in the Marina Canal marsh.

None of these experiences quite matches the thrill of having hiked all day, pushing my body and brain outside of their comfort zones.  But I am still proud to go out there and be a formal witness to the amazing beauty that nature provides all around us every day.  As I start to get my body and brain trail-ready again, I am really happy to at least be outside moving even if that isn’t at the level I’d like to be.



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