Holiday Pause

So, in early December, Sylvie and I did the Venice-Santa Monica Christmas Run – my first 10k in years.  We both finished in times that we were happy with, Sylvie much faster than I.  But, as I need to walk more than run to avoid hurting my back, I was pretty happy with my finish of just over one hour twenty minutes.  That’s about a 13 minute mile!  So yay me!

But, with the end of the semester and the holidays, life got crazy, and training, or pretty much movement of almost any kind went right out the window.  I was so busy for the first few weeks, that I didn’t even notice a change in my body.  Now that I am back to school, however, my energy is not where I need it to be.  This made me realize that I needed to start training again… or at least just start moving.  So, this morning (now yesterday), I got up and simply went for a walk around the block, when I was rewarded with this:

2016-01-13 06.48.51

Sun comes up over Santa Monica Blvd.

So, thanks universe for being amazing and the visual inspiration to get moving again so that I feel more than ready to move for 200 miles in July!


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